About Boats Rock Designs

Hello and welcome to Boats Rock Designs.  My name is David Hearn, also known as Ern to many, and I am the creator of Boats Rock Designs, based in Northamptonshire.

I have always enjoyed drawing and often combined my cheeky sense of humour and love of pun into my pictures.  Until recently these have really just been little more than doodles and sketches, but after receiving encouraging comments from friends and family who happened to glance upon them, I decided to develop a couple of them.

The whole “Boats Rock” theme was an idea that came to me while I was living on my narrow boat.  I did a little doodle that amused me so I then hand painted it onto a t-shirt.

David Hearn

The Idea then rattled around in my head and the doodle developed into a sort of character.  The animal theme also came about in much the same way.

I then made an enquiry with Simon Cox as to getting a few samples printed.  He very kindly gave me some free advice and printed me off a one-off sample

Boats Rock Designs Giraffe

It became clear that in the modern age (I’m a bit of a dinosaur with technology), these images needed to be digitized. So he introduced me to the lovely Marie and Nigel Baker of Poppy Design Studio. They too have been very kind and encouraging with their opinions and advice and I can honestly say that none of this would’ve happened without the help and generosity of any of the afore-mentioned.

The principle behind the artwork is that I like to make people smile. As a grandad with a genuine interest in child welfare and education, I feel that if my little doodles can encourage and inspire kids, then I’ve at least achieved something in life.

So I hope you enjoy the pictures and the ethos behind them. We have been very careful to ensure the quality of the products available and hope that they may go a tiny way to make someone smile and brighten their day.

What is special about Boats Rock designs ?

Boats Rock Designs create unique art to make you smile. The designs are hand drawn and unique. Do you love Davids designs? Please visit us at our next event or visit our shop by clicking below!